HCL has been engaged in building projects through the Whistler Valley for all user groups from walkers to professional athletes. Services have been provided in some capacity on almost all the Sproatt Alpine Project trails, for the Resort Municipality of Whistler, Whistler Off Road Cycling Assoiation, The Adventure Group, and on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Working independently and with other trail building teams, Howler has contributed trail revival and maintenance services for the Enduro World Series and WORCA.
Howler prioritizes safety on sight for both clients and staff, we carry liability insurance along with appropriate WCB coverage. We utilize a full spectrum of tools and equipment depending on the demands of the project along with the desires of the client. One of our key tools is a micro excavator, it allows us to create a small footprint Type 3 single track that's durable yet has the feel of hand built trail.

Howler Contracting Limited is dedicated to providing users from a broad spectrum of backgrounds with unique and enjoyable experiences in nature.
Our modern sustainable trail designs are underscored by low impact building practices which maximize the natural terrain we are privileged to use.