Hand Built Singletrack
We at Howler have built the full spectrum of hand-built, single-track trails from almost entirely natural double black trails like Zanarchy to low angle two-way trail like Industrial Waste. We pride ourselves on utilizing the natural terrain to our advantage creating a unique trail along with minimizing construction impacts. We have provided these services for an assortment of groups on dozens of trails through the Sea to Sky.
Traditional Machine Trails
This is not the primary focus of Howler but we do have the skills and resources to build an assortment of  different styles of machine trail. From our earlier days in the Whistler Bike Park, we refined our eye for layout which makes or breaks larger scale trails. We have then provided services on trails such as the Vallea Lumina walking trail along with projects like Into the Mystic and Pot of Gold. 
Trail Revival
Trail revival is one of the most important things that can be done within a network. As time goes by there are always trails that become less popular or forgotten about. This can be due to an assortment of reasons, typically it stems from unmanaged erosion or original layout. At Howler we take pride in revitalizing old trails through creative armoring, bridging and minor realignments to create a new experience for users in an old corridor. We have done work on trails like BC Trail in the Whistler Bike Park pre EWS in 2014 and for multi-use trails within WORCA’s network like the Jane Lakes trail.
Trail Maintenance
In the summer of 2016, HCL held the contract for the maintenance of Whistler Off Road Cycling Association's trail network. Primarily as a two-person team, we launched the maintenance plan for 24 trails. There was a broad range of required work including many bridge replacements, trail consolidation, armoring and re-routes. The network has lots of history and character that people look for when they come to visit so we took great pride in not dumbing down the trails. Instead, we focused on bringing the trails back to their original character with the goal of maximizing the user's experience.
Hybrid Single Track
Using our micro excavator we pride our selves in being able to deliver a Type Three, 70cm wide single track trail. With this small footprint machine, we are able to work through the most challenging terrain building a durable trail for decades to come. Our first project of this style was LESS a blue decent trail in Whistler, with all that we learned on this challenging project we were have now taken these skills to all different types of projects including climb trails. When using such a small footprint machine it allows us to move less material allowing users to enjoy more of the natural terrain features instead of just plowing through it.